Oh Yeah Omegas!

Time to amp up your game when it comes to taking SUPER DUPER omega 3’s. Dr. Oz states adding omega 3’s to your diet as one of the top five critical supplements for women.

Your daily target according to most experts is 500 milligrams daily, which you can get simply by eating 3.5 ounces of oily fish each week. However, you’ll find other experts who want you to consume more, like Dr. Axe. That’s what I do. I shoot for approximately 1,000 milligrams a day. This is not something our body produces naturally, but it’s something we need to remain healthy.

Why do you need omega 3’s? 

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to maintaining your good health. Maybe the greatest reason for you to start making sure you get enough is that is reduces inflammation in the body and well, it’s a known fact that inflammation is usually at the bottom of all diseases. The more anti-inflammatory we can make our diets, the better prepared our bodies are to fight disease and win!

What I especially love about omega 3’s is how much bang you get for your buck.

This little power house helps with reducing inflammation, maintaining heart health, slowing aging, improving allergies, minimizing joint and muscle pain and improving digestive issues. It can also be helpful for autoimmune disorders like: lupus, type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Wait there is more. It helps the brain, vision and can even lower bad cholesterol levels. Of course, a benefit that makes me smile is that it helps your skin by slowing down the aging process.

What’s a girl to eat? 

It’s easy peasy once you pay attention to what you need to add. A simple way to make sure this happens, is to purchase one of the Fish oil liquid supplements you can find at the health food store. If you go this route, be sure to carefully read labels and also to follow the storage instructions. Most will require refrigeration.

There are also taste-really-good natural food choices.

  • ·      Fish: Atlantic Mackerel, Herring, Alaskan Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Sardines, White Fish

  • ·      Salmon Fish Oil

  • ·      Cod Liver Oil

  • ·      Krill Oil

  • ·      Flaxseeds

  • ·      Seeds of Chia

  • ·      Perilla (This is an Asian herb that you can find at Asian markets or online in seed form)

  • ·      Hemp seeds

  • ·      Walnuts

  • ·      Purslane (You can find this at your farmer’s market)

  • ·      Anchovies

  • ·      Avocado

  • ·      Egg whites

Something you may have noticed is more and more of your food is fortified with omega 3’s. That is probably a good thing, but I bet it means more processing of our food takes place to add it. My recommendation: Seek natural sources for best benefit! Now it’s time to rock on with your bad self and get your much-needed omega 3’s. Here’s to being your best self.

** Before embarking on any new fitness or nutrition regime, check with your Doctor.